Defunct | About

Defunct strives to be a space where musicians and artists can grow according to their vision. This will be through the creation of custom made merchandise.

We are very open when it comes to being a “business.” We don’t do contracts, we just ask your permission to distribute the products we come to an agreement on. We are not looking to restrict artists to only releasing content on Defunct. If they find some other platform which can better them we are happy to see them grow, wish them the best, and will continue to offer our services if needed.

Musically, we like drum-centric styles. We are mainly interested in: breakcore, drill & bass, juke, footwork, idm, emotional hardcore, and noise rock. This does not in any way mean that we will not release other stuff. We have a wide interest in music; these are just the genres that we are on the lookout for the most.

Regarding other media, we have no specific preferences in artwork or writing. Just show us what you are working on and we will tell you if we would be interested in working with you.